Dasa Consulting (PT. Dasa Wacana) is a company engaged in consulting services, with a specialty in area of  Insurance Management. We are providing services to customers in performing insurance management including: provide input and preparing insurance program, working on estimate & study to allocate  cost of insurance and then subsequent care and prepare standard operating procedure of the claims cases in  quickly appropriate handling which refers to the  policy conditions.

We also provide assistance to companies, especially state-owned enterprises in the purchase of insurance for assets and operations, by following the rules of the applicable regulator.

According to our experience, the are some  companies yet understand clearly how the insurance contract should be arrange and  the detail cover  of the insurance policy.

In addition, we do  preparation to anable the Customer to choose  a good insurance that will avoid problems may arise in the future, especially especially in the  stage of the claims.

Dasa Consulting wants to dedicate consultancy field and services to the Customer by using an  appropriate method which at a later stage will produce a good insurance protection.



Business in general is always exposed to the dynamics changes from external and internal factors. Changes caused by external factors usually are beyond the control of the company, what is needed is to make any adjustments, adaptations and innovations in their respective companies. In fact, Business Risk and Business Opportunities running concurrently, so the company is always looking for business opportunities at minimum risk level. Although the business risks related to the macro economy which commonly un insurable, from the perspective of risk management still can be do an effort of control to reduce the impact of business interruptions later. Insurance, is represent as a reasonable alternative solutions on Risk Management. Not all risks can be prevented, in the hold itself and avoided, thus the necessary is a transfer of risk. Insurance as a medium to transfer the risk, and the expected minimum impact on the company when the incident occurred.